Tuesday, May 13, 2014

French Doors

What a transformation!
I love my humble abode but I did not love the original sliding glass door!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Curb Appeal

Our jungle Home Day 1:

Slowly cutting down our jungle

Within the first year we replaced the windows, removed the old light post, added a new lightpost, revamped the entryway, knocked out cobblestone garden wall, and planted grass! Year 2: Painting time!

My vision is finally here for others to see!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Under the (Fall) Weather

I was home this week taking care of a sick kiddo with strep throat. There isn't anything worse for a mommy than when her baby is sick. Although my munchkin drives me up a wall with her strong-willed personality and 24/7 sass, I really missed my firecracker as I watch her lay miserable from the pain. I knew she began feeling better today when she began talking a mile a minute (which is the norm), wanting to play, and to eat. So Miss Aubree is just about back to herself and I'm so happy the strep throat is quickly healing. Confined to my home, I did manage to make a couple of Fall crafts.
A wreath for my door "Harvest Greetings"

and a polka dot pumpkin for the porch (pic coming soon)

Oh! How can I forget?! We had new carpet installed earlier this week! We are retraining the pups to potty outside. We have had more than a few accidents with the two of them. No more free rein over the house in the evening. They only have access to our bedroom and hallway.

We have done a ton to the game room "man cave" and front yard but I've yet to take pics and blog about it. Hopefully that happens this weekend. (fingers crossed!)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Soliciting

My summer vacation from teaching is supposed to be a time of well deserved R&R. The majority of my mornings and early afternoons have been interrupted with my doorbell ringing or knocking at my door. The dogs go nuts and chaos begins then I'm faced with a complete stranger politely telling them I am not interested in whatever shenanigans they are presenting. Lets see if my new sign works! Fingers crossed!!
First I searched Pinterest for some ideas on signs. Once I found the right wording, I used Polyvore to create the placement and size of my font. From there I saved my photo and printed directly on some burlap cloth. This took some practice but the easiest way was to iron my piece of fabric flat, then tape it onto a paper that would feed directly into my printer.

Next I used a canvas to fit my fabric on. No glue or adhesive.
I used some scrapbook hardware to attach the fabric to the canvas. If you use the same method, be sure to make holes in the canvas before trying to attach brads. I just used a thick nail and hammered it through.

I trimmed the fabric and traced over the smaller font with a fine lined sharpie. Then attached some twine to hang.

My finished product! It hung perfecty over my wreath...that was later brought to my attention had a spelling error. Son of a gun!!

My sad attempt to bring back some of my dignity (not the best thing to misspell when you're an English teacher) lol

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What is a Home without a little chaos?!

A working mom, two crazy kids, a boyfriend, and two pup dogs destroying everything we work hard for = HOME. It is crazy at times. There are times I want to polish an entire bottle of vino. Who am I kidding? There are times I actually polish the entire bottle of vino. I don't know any working mom that doesn't have some chaos at home(and any woman who tells you otherwise is drunk from the bottle of wine she just chugged). So why the rant on my home blog? I haven't done too many projects lately due to a new expense in our lives...the second pup. We rescued him from a shelter and was unpleasantly surprised to find out he had a slew of health problems. So as my vet bill grew, the house projects were put on hold.
Meet Dexter, the money pit. ;)
We do love him so!
We are trying to get Buddy on board. This expression says it all.
A mini project we did complete was the hallway floor. We ripped up the carpet and replaced it with wood flooring. Now it's time to paint...and start saving our pennies again!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Under The Sea Party

Home birthday parties are the best! Enjoy the snapshot of my baby girl's 6th birthday party.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kitchen...next phase!

Latest Kitchen makeover pictures! (See other Kitchen posts to see the progress we've made!)


New Window!

Removing Wall Before/During/After

My Dad & Stepmom helping us remove the wall

What's next?
1.Granite Countertops (installed in less than 2 weeks)
2.Removing that 60's tile backsplash and replacing with a modern backsplash
3.Wall color. Planning to go with "High Noon" which is a blue color
4.Dark hardwood floors
5.Center Island
6.Faux ceiling beams (dark wood)
7.Remove wall
8.Cabinet molding
9.Crown molding
10.New window